Devops & Cloud Services

Services available via remote cloud computing server rather than an on-site server enabling remote access' These scalable solutions are managed by solution providers/vendors thereby providing users with access to computing services such as analytics or networking via the internet. Offering powerful benefits through greater productivity and enhanced efficiency to reducing cost significantly and simplifying IT management. Cloud computing also enables mobile services that employees are using increasingly when accessing corporate data and applications. Cloud Services provide added advantages like higher speeds, better security & flexible scaling.

Cloud Consulting

By establishing a picture of how technology can help extend business purpose, we align the role of IT departments to support the business’s visit afterwards. Whether your business is already using the cloud or emergence to look into the idea, we help teams in making the case for cloud acquisition at enterprise scale by uncovering the tangible goals and welfare adoption will bring.

Our cloud strategy services enable enterprises to conquer the growing pains and barriers of cloud-first adoption, helping you visualise–and put a plan around–how cloud technology can and will have a truly transformative impression on your business.

Cloud Architecture

The whole cloud architecture is point at providing the users with elevated bandwidth, allowing users to have uninterrupted entrance to data and applications, on-demand agile network with possibility to move swiftly and effectively between servers or even between clouds and most importantly network security.

    The various cloud based services mentioned below have their own clear and distinctive cloud architectures:
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Development as a Service (DaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Cost Optimization

Cloud cost optimization is the process of bringing down your overall cloud spend by recognizing mismanaged resources, getting rid of waste, putting aside capacity for excessive discounts, and right sizing computing services to scale.

    Cloud Cost Optimization Best Practices are:
  • Find Fresh or Neutral Resources
  • Recognize and Merge Idle Resources
  • Right Size Computing Services
  • Endow in AWS Reserved Instances (RIs) or Azure Reserved VM Instances (RIs)
  • Take good point of Spot Instances

Migration & Security

Operating digital assets like data, workloads, IT resources, or applications, to cloud infrastructure. Cloud migration often refers to operating tools and data from old, legacy infrastructure or an incorrectly data center to the cloud.

The strictness and practice of safeguarding cloud computing environments, applications, data, and information. Cloud security needs securing cloud environments against unauthorized use/access, distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, hackers, malware, and other risks. While cloud security applies to safety for cloud environments, the connected term, cloud-based security, refers to the software as a service (SaaS) delivery model of security services, which are hosted in the cloud rather than deployed via on-premise hardware or software.

Our approach to DevOps & Cloud Solutions

Assessing Existing State

Studying and understanding the current state of readiness to lay a firm foundation for the service solution.

Differentiating Between Past & Future

Identifying the differences between current infrastructure and the infrastructure to deploy for the solution.

Architectural Consulting

Determining the best cloud model for each specific set of requirements through consultations.

Planning Management & Stability

Making plans of how the infrastructure will be managed in the long run and how robust the solution will be in terms of stability.

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