SaaS & Mobility Solutions

Enabling data to be accessed from any device with an internet connection' Plus, vendors take care of hosting and maintaining the servers, databases, and the code that makes up the application. Providing crucial benefits such as reduced time to draw a profit, Lower implementational costs, Scalability & Integration, New Releases & ease of use & ease of performing Proof of Concepts. Mobility solutions provide seamless flow of information on devices linked together. The omnipresent availability of data and the ability to access it anywhere at any time through internet enabled devices like smartphones and portable computers makes the most of what this service has to offer..

Redefining Software Services

The on-demand prudence that we’re breathing in has brought in a new generation of Software as a Service (SaaS) occasion and everyday benefit.

From executive presenting hubs like Slack and Trello to refreshment gateways like Netflix and Hulu, SaaS is not a new concept—though you might not be friendly with the acronym. Just like the slow, subtle shift towards gig wealth for the latest workforce, Software as a Service models are changing the way we reside our day-to-day, without even noticing it.

New Age Mobility Solutions

Specific mobility solutions to reduce the overall complexities that are actually involved in the management of the company’s data on various mobile devices. Enabling easier and streamlined communication with the remote employees of the company by providing them access to all of the resources and data of the company which is traditionally available on the company’s own devices.

Increasing the overall productivity of the company employees by offering them access to real-time data of the company at any time and from anywhere through mobile devices. Shifting the flow of information towards various digital channels and further reducing the dependency on paperwork. With the usage of enterprise mobility solutions, there isn’t any possibility of loss of information.

Our approach to SaaS & Mobility Solutions

Requirement Understanding

Understanding the problem statement and developing a concept of the problem and formulating a solution concept.

Maintenance & Support

Post deployment periodic maintenance and support provision for smooth sailing of the projects.

UX/UI Support

Visualization of the problem solution through creating user interface wireframes and flow diagrams with due care given to optimize user experience.

Architectural Consultations & Design Development

Mobile App architecture consultations based on requirements and design initializations.

Application Development & Integration

The development and integration of all segments of the solutions to culminate the final mobile app solution.

Rapid Prototyping

Understanding task requirements and building prototypes to quickly visualize the end result through development of MVPs (Minimum Viable Product)

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